Sex Dolls Designed After Real Pornstars

Have you ever watched the same porn many times, again and again? Are you obsessed with a particular porn star’s voluptuous curves, perfect breasts, and sexy ass you want to hold and fuck?

Adult start Jessica Drake even appreciated how realistic her sex doll looked when she first encountered it at a Las Vegas convention. She admired how it made noises in her own voice in response to it being penetrated.

A replica of Akira’s labia and the vaginal canal has been available from Fleshlight, but now a perfect replica of her entire body can be purchased as a porn actress doll.

Porn stars like Jessica Drake and Asa Akira readily agree to have their images used in the making of sex dolls, so you can order a Jessica Drake or Asa Akira realdoll online, right now, today!

If Donald Trump can fuck Stormy Daniels, you can too! Because Stormy Daniels got her very own sex doll! Now you can have sex with one of the most famous pornstars in history.

Just take a look and find the perfect doll that fits your very own sex story and brings your imagination to life. So now you can replicate the porn movies and clips and experience these sexy stars for yourself!

Some fully customized pornstar love dolls have even replica vaginas of famous Instagram and porn stars. 3D scans of porn stars and photos of their intimate areas are turned into casts and then made into sex dolls in Chinese factories.

It’s time to turn your wild fantasies into the orgasmic satisfaction you have been waiting for – there are porn star dolls.

You can have your very own celebrity pornstar sex doll. Modeled to resemble your favorite star, one of the pornstars who agreed to make themselves into a replica.

US porn star Tasha Reign sex doll
US porn star Tasha Reign sex doll

Adult actress Tasha Reign joined a project to produce a sex doll that looks like her. The model was produced in China by a British team using a 3D scanner.

Matthew Camp Realistic Male Porn Star Sex Doll
Matthew Camp realistic male porn star sex doll

This is the official Matt Camp doll. Who else can do this except Matt? It is an exact 3D scan replica of Matt Camp, with a detailed silicone head with real implanted hair.

AI Sex Robot Companion

The new generation of intelligent sex robots Have you ever watched a robot sex doll porn? But let’s start with regular sex dolls. Skin is made of silicone or TPE, with arms and legs that can bend, real-looking face, and real-feeling vagina, anus, mouth… and sometimes penis too. They have two functions, sitting somewhere looking nice […]

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Male Sex Dolls

Types of male sex dolls Besides full-size male love dolls, an older, simpler, and cheaper option is an inflatable male sex doll (some with a vibrating penis) and mini-size torsos with a dildo between their legs, known as the male torso sex doll. If you want just to try it, or a full-size male pleasure […]

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Celebrity sex dolls

All of us have had a celebrity sex fantasy. Now you can live out some of your fantasies with real celebrity sex dolls. For us mortal people, it is the closest we can get having sex with demi-gods like Meghan Markle – or Prince Harry πŸ˜‰ Acting out sexual fantasies with a realistic celebrity sex […]

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Fantasy Sex Doll

Ever fantasized of a girl in a hentai school uniform? Maybe you’d like an anime sex doll with big eyes, colorful hair, and enormous tits to fulfill your dreams? Sexy action figures? Elf, fairy, manga, vampire, angel, and demon sex doll? A fantasy sex doll is just for you. Manga Sex Doll Anime Sex Doll Fairy Sex Doll Furry Sex Doll If you want […]

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Modern Sex Dolls

Modern Sex Doll While inflatable, plastic blow-up sex dolls are still around and quite useable, the trend in the love dolls industry is clear: inflatable love dolls belong to yesterday, today realistic sex dolls rule, and tomorrow belongs to smart sex dolls and sex robots. Today’s standard is real sex dolls. Dolls have full body, […]

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Silicone or TPE Sex Doll?

TPE Sex Dolls Let’s start with TPE (short from Thermoplastic Elastomer). TPE is a new, modern material, a mixture of rubber and plastic. Compared to silicone it is more flexible and even after repeated stretching, it returns to its original shape. It is also softer in touch, feels better. Boobs and ass are sexy bouncy […]

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How to Clean a Sex Doll? – The Complete Guide

How often do I need to clean my sex doll? While “holes” should be washed after every use, the doll itself shouldn’t be cleaned more than once in two weeks. Too much cleaning degrades the skin material and leads to ugly tears. What to use for cleaning of the sex doll? There’s more than one […]

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