Customized Sex Doll Molding Process


Can you really put a price on completely customizing your adult doll? These sex dolls are not just a romantic toy but, they are also our companions. Customized Sex Doll understands that there is a sense of attachment and love to every pleasure doll purchased and that is why we have worked with reputable custom doll sculptors to turn you dream woman/man into a reality. All our custom molded sex dolls are only designed by the most experienced sculptors so, you receive the most realistic adult doll possible. The custom molded sex doll will be coated with a realistic skin-like material called TPE. TPE is a new material that companies have started using, which completely mimics the same textures of human skin. This TPE material can be stretched five times more than other inferior doll materials. With todays technology, it has never been easier to bring your dream into a reality.

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