The Top 3 Sex Dolls You Can Buy In 2020

There’s a HUGE difference between sex toys and sex dolls. Usually, sex toys are a lot smaller and most of them are made to satisfy women. Sex dolls, on the other hand, are usually a lot bigger.

They’re life-sized dolls.

They’re not as popular as sex toys and it’s mostly because of their price, which is hundreds of times higher than any regular dildo or vibrator.

I had always been against any type of sexual equipment, but when I broke up with my girlfriend I wasn’t having luck finding anyone to have sex with. I even took desperate measures and hired a professional after reading a few London escort reviews (I’m in the UK, by the way), but it definitely wasn’t a long-term solution to my problem. Little by little, I started coming across sex dolls which looked freakishly realistic. I couldn’t help myself and I started being interested in actually buying a sex doll for myself. I won’t lie, it took me some time to save up enough money to buy one, but after a very short time, I knew it was absolutely worth it!

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While I was doing research, I found a bunch of different sex dolls and I took the time to find the sex doll that would be ideal for me. During that time, I got to know everything there is to know about all different kinds of sex dolls. Now I want to help others with the same problem I had. So, I decided to write a short guide on the best sex dolls currently available out there.

Natalia From

This sex doll was one of my top picks when I was purchasing my first sex doll. I loved the fact that this sex doll had the PERFECT PROPORTIONS and didn’t look like a doll with overemphasized parts such as the breasts or ass. While I was looking for sex dolls, I found tons of manufacturers that made sex dolls that looked like anime and Hentai characters and their proportions were everything but realistic.

When I found Natalia, I knew that she would be one of my top sex dolls. I bookmarked the link so I could keep her in my shortlist. The things I like most about this sex doll when it comes to looks are her full lips and bright green eyes! Of course, her body is also perfect, which is what made me really consider buying her. The only reason why I didn’t place my order right away is that she costs around $2000 and I wanted to make sure I couldn’t find a hotter sex doll for the same money elsewhere.

Anastasia: The Russian Sex Doll From

I’ve always had a thing for Russian girls but I never actually met one. When I was browsing SiliconWives and found Anastasia, I was blown away! This gorgeous, slim blonde with a perfect body was standing there in front of me and I was completely stunned. An amazing thing about this sex doll is that vaginal, anal, and oral is possible! It’s a little over 5 feet and weighs about 70lbs. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that she was a sex doll.

When I saw all the available customization options and the price, I didn’t think twice before placing an order, especially because I got a payment plan at around $100 per month. I didn’t even have to pay the full price right away which is one more great thing about this site. This sex doll has it all and I definitely consider her a great investment. I couldn’t wait to try her out!

Even though it took about a month for the doll to arrive, I was still very pleased. The package came completely discreet with no labels that would suggest a sex doll was inside.

Harmony From

Numerous sex sites have written about RealDoll and how amazing their sex dolls are. I wanted to check out what it was about and, in my opinion, they have the most realistic-looking sex dolls out there. The sex doll named Harmony is my personal favorite and the craftsmanship on this doll is really impressive.

Only one thing stood between me and this sex doll and it was the price. Without any customization, the starting price for this doll is around $8000, which is just too much for me. I did want to solve my problem, but I didn’t plan on investing so much for a sex doll.

The customization options are really something else and the price is probably worth it, but I just couldn’t make myself pay so much for a sex doll. Harmony is a gorgeous sex doll with really amazing proportions and she looks incredibly hot! A sexy, beautiful blonde with blue eyes has always been my fantasy and I almost ordered to be honest. Anastasia from SiliconWives isn’t as realistic, but the price difference was just too big not to choose her.