Sex Dolls or Live Sex – What’s More Popular Among Men?

Considered by many to be the perfect replacement for a woman, sex dolls are rapidly rising in popularity. It’s not just them, though, adult entertainment in any shape or form is picking up, from platforms such as OnlyFans to incredibly hot cam girls that stream live every night hoping to make your fantasies come true. But sex dolls have a special place in many people’s hearts, especially if you’re willing to spend a bit more on a premium one.

That being said, the decision as to whether they’re more popular than live sex is a bit of a tricky one. Some men prefer them, others still enjoy live sex more, so let’s check out what sex dolls are, why they’re so attractive for some, and whether they’re really better than live sex.

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What Are Sex Dolls?

At their core, sex dolls are anatomically correct, human-like anthropomorphic dolls that are meant to either create or increase sexual arousal, whether that’s solo sex or partnered sex. These dolls come with at least one orifice that’s penetrable, such as a vagina, an anus, or a mouth, and in some cases, one body part that can be inserted by the user, like a penis or a tongue. You can think of sex dolls as sex toys, but a sex toy is only restricted to one body part, whether that’s a fleshlight or a dildo, whereas a sex doll actually replicates the entire human body.

The main thing about sex dolls is the fact that there’s an incredible variety of them. Not only do they come in different genders, races, and ages, but they come with different body types, hair colors, eye colors, etc. If you’re willing to invest a bit more in a quality sex doll (and many users are), you’ll find that manufacturers can tailor every single part of the sex doll to your liking. There are even some with built-in AI!

When we say every single part, we’re talking about incredible details. From different vagina styles and shapes to clitoris sizes, to even having pubic hair if that’s your thing. As long as you’re willing to shell out a bit of money, you’ll get exactly what you want.

What Makes Them So Good for Men?

The first and most important thing that makes sex dolls such an attractive proposition is the fact that they’re at your disposal, 24/7. You can have sexual intercourse with them or pleasure yourself whenever you feel like it, and you don’t get the “I’ve got a headache” excuse, at all.

To add to this, buyers of such sex dolls love the fact that they can tailor literally every aspect of them – they find it incredibly easy to create the perfect woman for themselves. For a lot of them, this goes way beyond just sex and pleasure – they treat them as their partner, they have dinner dates with them, kiss them goodbye before heading to work in the morning and a lot more.

And then there’s the complete lack of any emotions, that a lot of sex doll users seem to love. When looking for a relationship, an emotional attachment is great. But when people are looking for sex and pleasure, they don’t really need the emotions, and some even find that emotions weigh them down and can be fatiguing. A sex doll doesn’t come with any of those things, which is why so many people decide to pay for one.

Sex Dolls or Live Sex – What’s More Popular Among Men?
Copyright: Unsplash | CC0 Public Domain

Sex Dolls or Live Sex – Which One is More Popular?

It’s very obvious that sex dolls not only have some real advantages over live sex, but for some people, they can be more than enough. That being said, there are people who have high-end sex dolls and still claim that live sex is better in some cases.

Of course, that’s not always the case. While sex dolls are available all the time, and you can have them made just the way you like them, there are some things that a sex doll just can’t do (yet). Unlike a real woman, it can’t satisfy you while you’re laying on your bed as relaxed as can be, it can’t read your body language and figure out what you need, and it actually costs a lot to make (for a good one). At the end of the day, how you choose to experience sexual satisfaction and what makes you tick is a completely personal decision. There’s no doubt that there are some people who will prefer the simplicity of having sex with a sex doll, while others enjoy the touch of a real woman a lot more. It’s all up to you and your sexual desires, and of course, whether or not you’re willing to shell out the thousands of dollars that a high-end, personalized sex doll can cost you.