Sex Doll, Rock and Roll

Have you ever fantasised about having your own sexual slave? A woman at your beck and call that is ready to serve your every sexual desire? Let’s be honest, who hasn’t? Although there are women out there that share the fantasy, they are far and few between and even those that will, won’t make it their full time occupation. But, is it too much to ask for a permanent, full time sex whore that’s always on standby? Actually, no, but it depends on who you ask. 

To be clear, this isn’t about deciding which woman to proposition into slavery. That kind of proposal will probably get you arrested or slapped with a restraining order. Maybe just slapped. No, this is about having your own life like sex doll that looks quite real and feels sensational. 

The market for sex dolls is growing and like any industry driven by deep desire, it is evolving. Modern sex dolls are made with TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), which makes them as soft as skin and more flexible than your average gymnast. Their faces look really realistic and  some are able to change facial expressions and make sounds when you touch them. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being built into the more elite models (pun intended), so they can hold basic conversations and respond to your preferences. For all intent and purposes, it’s a replacement girlfriend without the agro. 

If you’re thinking “that’s not my style”, think again. It’s not just old and depraved perverts that are taking to the silicon valley of sex dolls, they are gaining popularity across the board. Just think about it; your doll won’t complain when you come home late and drunk; she won’t be mad at you for sleeping with another girl; she doesn’t expect you to cuddle with her for 20 minutes before and after sex, and you don’t have to take her out (highly inadvisable), buy her gifts or meet her parents. 

5 reasons why you should consider a doll as a goal

  1. You’re in the driving seat 

Your doll will never say no. She will never complain about the way you fuck her. If you want to dress her up as a cowgirl on Monday and fuck her like a rodeo star, she is down. You fancy a Nurse on Tuesday, she won’t complain or roll her eyes. You can be the star in your own cosplay porn movie. In fact, if you want to experience someone else for the evening, you can switch the removable head with another girl of your choice – just don’t leave them lying around the house, otherwise dolls will be the only thing you ever fuck. 

  1. It takes off the pressure when you’re dating

Have you ever been out on a date and felt so eager to get laid that you came on too strong? Of course you have, that Mr Whippy you keep in your trousers always makes a mess of things and it gives women a sense of power over you. Afterall, she can get laid with the blink of her eye and if your desperation switches her off, she knows she has her rampant rabbit to fall back on later – literally. Well, a love doll gives you the edge. It means you never have to put all your eggs in one basket again and knowing that will give you confidence and a cool demeanor that will have her wondering why her charm doesn’t have you under a spell. So, yes, having a doll might even get you more sex with real women.

  1. Make your celebrity fantasy become a reality.

That’s right, you can decide the precise appearance of your love doll and some of your favourite TV personalities have already been crafted for you. Whether Britney Spears is your thing or Wonder Woman, you get to be the hero that gets the girl and it’s a story that definitely cums with a happy ending. A word of advice: avoid making ex-girlfriends, friend’s girlfriends or neighbours. That might be a step too far.

  1. Modern tech can bring your doll to life and bring you more pleasure than a woman ever could. 

Technology is making leaps and bounds in the sex industry. Toys for men have come a long way. From wanking sleeves to proper suction devices, no man has to be left unpleased again. For a long time women had all the solo fun. It was almost taboo for a man to be seen with a toy, but not anymore. It might have been a slow burner, but the market for mens toys has really developed and all the cool features in handheld toys can now be incorporated into your love doll. That’s right a vibrating pussy, to a mouth that really sucks. It’s just a matter of time before the robotic dolls are so lifelike that you won’t ever moan about being single again. Until then, you have VR Porn, which allows you to immerse yourself into a virtual porn scene as though you are the actor in the movie. When you look at your doll, you will see the actress in front of you, so you can copy the scene and it will feel as real as fuck. See what I did there? We’re on a roll, so get yourself a doll and rock on.