Mini Sex Dolls – the best choice for new sex doll players!

In the eyes of most people who buy sex dolls, sex dolls must be as realistic as possible, but are those very realistic sex dolls really suitable for everyone? Is it really suitable for beginners? I don’t think those very realistic sex dolls are suitable for sex doll newbies. More suitable for novice players to buy should be miniature sex dolls!

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Are realistic sex dolls suitable for beginners?

I don’t think most realistic sex dolls are suitable for beginners, realistic sex dolls have hyper-realistic bodies and faces, but also hyper-realistic weights. High prices are also part of the reason

Too heavy

The weight of sex dolls with a height of 150cm~170cm is generally 60kg~80kg, which is very close to the weight of real women, but under the influence of this weight, if you are very unfamiliar with sex dolls, then when you want to move sex dolls or give sex dolls Posing can be tedious and can greatly affect your experience with your sex doll.


The price of simulated sex dolls in any store is very expensive, generally around 1500 US dollars, which is not a small amount, and it is very irrational for all novice players to choose to buy expensive sex dolls when they are not sure if they are suitable for use, if You spend a lot of money on a sex doll, and then when you try, you find that you can’t accept sex with a sex doll, so you want to return it, but the store will tell you that sex dolls can’t be returned (of course not, no one wants to second-hand sex dolls), then you’re really wasting your money. But if you are an old player of sex dolls, realistic sex dolls are definitely the best choice for you, there is no doubt about it!

Best sex dolls for beginners – mini sex dolls!

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Why do I say mini sex dolls are best for beginners, because mini sex dolls are too friendly for new sex doll players in terms of price and size.

Low price

Mini sex dolls are generally cheaper, usually one-third of the price of real sex dolls. This price is perfect for new players of sex dolls. For most people, this is a relatively cheap sex dolls that allows most people to experience the fun of sex dolls at a very low cost.
But please don’t think (cheap = inferior) mini sex dolls and expensive reality sex dolls are made of the same material, both are made of medical grade TPE or silicone, mini sex dolls are small, so the material for shipping and sex The cost doll will be a lot cheaper, which is why it’s so cheap.

Small and lightweight

Mini sex dolls are very petite, generally about 100cm, and generally only weigh about 13kg. This is great for moving sex dolls or posing for sex dolls. Although the body is relatively small, the functions of the vagina and anus are very complete. When you are new to sex dolls, using a lightweight sex doll will give you a better orgasm experience than a very realistic sex doll.