5 Things You Should Consider Before Having Sex with a Sex Doll

You have ordered your doll and now you are ready for your first experience. You are happy about the experience but a little timid. Sex can be sometimes awkward but that doesn’t have to go away as you get experienced. 

There is no wrong or right way of having sex with a sex doll. This is because you are exploring and discovering your fetishes. It might take some time.

With that being said, if you want to have sex with your BestRealDoll, keep the following in mind. 

5 Things You Should Consider Before Having Sex with a Sex Doll
  1. Are you having the right kind of lube?

Use a water-based lubricant during intercourse with your doll. Some decide not to, it depends on yourself. You can use baby oil or Vaseline as alternative lubricants. But if you have to have the best intercourse, use a regular lubricant.

Ensure the lubricant you are using is water-based. It should not be silicone because it can damage the TPE material. 

  1. Stimulate your brain

Sex begins in the mind. Your brain is a powerful sex organ than your genitals. This is where sex originates. Visualize sex play before the real act. This will intensify your senses in preparation for sex with your love doll.

To get the best out of this, you can have imaginations the whole day hours before sex. and once you reach there, don’t forget foreplay. 

  1. Ensure the Holes are Clean

This is where all the action will take place. Clean holes will give you the freedom to insert into any hole you want. 

When it comes to cleaning use a vaginal flusher. Flush the holes with water and the pump they provided you. Insert a piece of cloth to absorb humidity. Use soap and water to clean the outside part. 

Wipe until dry and never use a hairdryer because it can cause your sex doll to melt. Apply some baby powder on her skin. It will absorb any humidity and improve the final touch. 

Use tampons for the mouth, vagina, and anus. You can easily insert and they can soak off the moisture. You can easily remove them with a strip and they do not produce fluff. 

  1. Does it Require to be warmed first?

Remember your sex doll is not a real woman or girl. She won’t lubricate herself as a real girl does. You must admit a sex doll is cold because of the material she is made from. She cannot keep a constant temperature like a normal girl. 

You need to heat your doll for it to give you a more real and warm feeling. As a result, the sex will be perfect. Heating your sex doll before the real action will her more natural and real. This is why you should warm your sex doll.

There are several ways you can heat/warm your American made sex doll. 

  • You can sleep with your doll under your duvet until she is warm. The TPE material will absorb your body heat and that of the blanket. She will remain insulated for a good time.
  • You can use an electric heating blanket. For ultimate results, use it with an internal heating device. You can even use heated clothing like gloves or vests to warm up certain areas of your sex doll.
  • You can use a warming lube that heats up as you use it. Use a water-based lubricant lube. 
  • Use an external heating devicethat most sex dolls have when you place your purchase. You can plug in and heat for about 20 minutes.
  1. Is your Doll Shared or Not?

If you have hired your doll for a day or two, be sure your sex doll is shared. For this reason, you better use a condom. 

If the doll is still new and it is your first time, ensure you clean it free of chemicals. Chemicals used to manufacture your doll can cause serious harm to your body. 

If the doll is yours alone, then you have nothing to worry about. Even though, you need to keep your doll clean all the time. A dirty doll or one which is not cleaned will attract bacteria that can be hazardous to you. 

Final Thoughts

Don’t rush in the heat of the moment. Take some time and cultivate a conducive environment. You will be more than ready. Take into account the above factors and avoid any misfortune that hampers your good time. 

It is you to lit fireworks when having sex with your love doll. Again, sex is messy and human. Even if you practice it daily, it is an exploration that makes sex fun.