What is a Sex Doll?

(known also as love dolls, erotic dolls, fuck dolls, silicon dolls, silicon wifes or girlfriends, sex robot...)

Sex doll is a sex toy in the shape of a perfect sexy woman, anatomically correct, full body, with 3 places for the action: mouth, vagina and anal hole (sometimes a dick too) - all you need for your own sexdoll porn.

Full-size sex dolls are the most popular sex toys. Some people also like half-body sex dolls. All these dolls can meet your sex needs. You can visit Kanadoll.com to discover best real sex dolls.

Just to add: it's not always a woman, or even a human (ie Elfs). And you are not limited to use of holes (foot fetishists, I'm looking at you). And sometimes boobs and ass are unreal big. And sometimes dolls are shorter than 100 cm. Or without limbs and head. Anyway, most of the time our definition holds.

What is a Sex Doll Porn?

If you have your own love doll or plan to buy one, our site is a collection of unboxing videos for you. And all sexdoll porns are actually video user manuals. If male protagonist makes sounds that can be recognized as words, the video is also an user product review :)

Or you just like to watch action with dolls? You are welcome! Besides real dolls and sex robots, we also have human sex dolls, sleeping porn, time stop / time freeze - they all have many common features that atract us.

Some of us are too shy to ask around and learn from the others, so for you there are several posts of tutorial kind to explain and answer some of most common questions about love dolls - different kinds, materials, care, news... Please visit our blog "All about Sex Dolls".


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It can be personal about you and your relationship with the doll - or just your version of sex doll porn. Maybe a description of sex, or a few photos (no videos). Tips and tricks about doll maintenance? Your doll's life story? A love doll fantasy? Just write it and send to somewebmaster at gmail.com. I'll check it, and maybe with minimal corrections publish it here. Your work stays yours and if you ever change your mind just let me know and I'll delete it.

No child dolls, ads/spamming, racist/political material and the like, must be original - I'm sure you know the rules. Male/female/shemale doll makes no difference - we accept all kind of sexdoll porn.

Fully anonymous posting, discretion guaranteed. Just the nickname of your choice will be published with the story.

Please write to me on somewebmaster at gmail.com and let me know your opinion.

Besides sex dolls, you'll want from time to time to see good-old classic fuck, you can find big choice among Best Porn Sites.

Human Sex Doll Porn

There's a packet waiting on the porch. A big one. You take it in and with excitement start unpacking. It's a life-size sex doll. Ok, it is a human sex doll but nevermind, it looks like a real one. Your girlfriend Sam made you a nice surprise for your birthday!

Her best friend Lucy is lying there, not moving, even eyelids. Sam knew you got a boner for her sexy girlfriend and decided to give you a special present... Now Lucy is totally naked in the box, playing a doll, just for you! You are looking at her, touching her... And then taking her out and putting on the bed. She's still stock-still, except that her nipples went up... I suppose she also likes the game.

And you got a boner! Not to lose time, you take your dick out and stuck in her open mouth. She's not moving, even when your cock enters deep into her throat. Just a bit of red appears on her chicks. It is so much better than normal sex dolls, her mouth is warm and wet. Just as her pussy, as you can feel with your finger.

You turn her around, take her legs and while holding them high you penetrate with full force, without mercy. And she's still like a perfect doll! Bang, bang, while the whole bed is moving and jumping from your strokes. Your doll gets really wet, and you can see tremors passing her hips and abs.

Well if it's a doll then this is a sex doll porn, so she will not mind if... with a swift move you change the target and start pumping her asshole. It is tight, really tight. It must hurt know but Lucy continues playing her role, just a little moan left her mouth. Her ass is now red, being hit so many times. When you cum into her mouth she finally stops playing because her orgasm came too, and it's hard to hide it.

Best birthday present ever!

Time Freeze Porn

Just imagine, one morning you wake up and find out you have the power to freeze time! While the world around you just stopped moving and stayed frozen, you are free to do anything you want. So as time stops, what would you like to do? Feed the poor? Stop all wars? Read all the books in this world? No, during the frozen time you want to fuck that girl from your office, your boss!

She is always acting like you are some lower life form, ignoring you. Showing her long legs and big tits right in front of you, day after day, but you know you will never be able to touch them. She doesn't see you as a man at all. But now, with a single click, you stop time and she is frozen right at the moment she started yelling at you. She was standing in front of your desk, with her hands on the table.

You know your time has finally come. You climb the table, open the zip, take the dick out and push it into her open mouth. "Now yell at me if you can, bitch!". Oh, it's so enjoyable, you hold her by the hair and move her head. Her halted body is totally in your control, following your moves.

Then you move behind her. She is already bent, supported with hands on your table. Just what you need. You tore her skirt and in one strong move penetrate her ass. "If you were awake you wouldn't like it!" Banging her asshole is something the best you ever felt in your life, like a sex doll porn. You feel like a man.

Cum on her perfectly white shirt, put on your pants, sit back behind your desk and click again. While the whole office starts moving again she wakes, looks at the cum on her open shirt, and touches painful ass. Everybody is looking at her tits out of the shirt, torn skirt, ruined makeup, and her reddened ass. She is fully humiliated. From now on you control her, you are the boss.

Sleeping Porn

Your girlfriend is nice, but she likes to control everything. She gets mad when you even propose something she doesn't want at that moment. And sex! She wants it just once a month, she is up controlling fucking. You can't touch her tits and pussy. She has never sucked your cock! You feel frustrated, but you don't want to quarrel.

One day she came from the office really tired and fell asleep on the sofa. When you entered the room she didn't wake up. You called her, but no answer. Slowly you approached, still not sure what you want to do but excitement started to rise.

You are opening her blouse and touching her big, perfect breasts. It's so pitty she doesn't allow you to play with them. But she can't say "No" now, so... You are squeezing them hard, licking them, biting... It feels so good. And she's still slipping. You put your dick between tits and start to stroke, every push ends with the head of your cock entering her open, wet mouth. "Hope you like it, darling!"

Then you turn her, her ass facing you. "Now I control where and how I will fuck you. Please prepare your ass honey!" And you slowly enter her asshole, never entered before, a forbidden zone for you. But not anymore! You bang and bang and her whole body trembles, every hit makes waves starting on her ass and moving further... but she still sleeps!

You cum in her open mouth and then you close it. "Swallow this baby, pure, organic protein". And she still sleeps. It was like a sex doll porn.

Modern Sex Dolls

While inflatable, plastic blow-up sex dolls are still around and quite useable, the trend in the love dolls industry is clear: inflatable love dolls belong to yesterday, today realistic sex dolls rule, and tomorrow belongs to smart sex dolls and sex robots.

Premium sex dolls have all of that and in addition, some parts can be anytime detached and reattached so today you can enjoy narrow-vagina redhead with small breasts and tomorrow brunette futanari with big dick and enormous tits. There are upgrades for them too - start with standard mouth and later buy her new vibrating mouth.

Well, I have bad news for you - the more frequent you clean your doll the shorter it lasts. Also, it can be damaged from excessive or wrong cleaning, especially in the case of TPE love dolls.

And then came smart sex doll Harmony. She is not the first smart sex robot, but by far she is the most famous, the one everybody heard of. From this point on, the body of dolls stays the same, but the head enters accelerated evolution. Harmony could smile and blink, (almost) hold the conversation, tell jokes, even remember stuff like your favorite meal or people's names. And most importantly, through observing your reactions she could learn your preferences and desires. And... you can also change her personality traits by using the accompanying smartphone app.

Ever fantasized of a girl in a hentai school uniform? Maybe you'd like an anime sex doll with big eyes, colorful hair and enormous tits to fulfill your dreams? Sexy action figures? Elf, fairy, manga, vampire, angel, and demon sex doll? Fantasy sex dolls are just for you.

Besides full-size male love dolls, older, simpler and cheaper options are inflatable male sex dolls (some with a vibrating penis) and mini-size torsos with a dildo between their legs, known as the male torso sex doll.

Some straight men are interested in trying it, going to sex doll brothels and renting in the same session both male and female doll :) So males, females, lesbians, and gay men, they all want to experiment with male real dolls.

If you want to learn more about love dolls check our blog posts or Wikipedia.

Don't forget to visit big and important sex doll sites like DollForum.com