What is a Sex Doll Porn?

If you have your own love doll or plan to buy one, our site is a collection of unboxing videos for you. And all sex doll porns are actually video user manuals. If male protagonist makes sounds that can be recognized as words, the video is also an user product review :)

Or you just like to watch action with dolls? You are welcome! Besides "real dolls", we also have videos with human sex dolls, hypno porn, sleeping, time stop/freeze porn - they all have many common features that atract us.

Some of us are too shy to ask around and learn from the others, so for you there are several posts of tutorial kind to explain and answer some of most common questions about love dolls - different kinds, materials, care, news...

Please visit our blog "All about Sex Dolls" with articles about modern sex dolls, their care and maintenance...

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What is a Sex Doll?

(known also as love dolls, erotic dolls, fuck dolls, silicon dolls, silicon wifes or girlfriends...)

Sex doll is a sex toy in the shape of a perfect sexy woman, anatomically correct, full body, with 3 places for the action: mouth, vagina and anal hole.

Just to add: it's not always a woman, or even a human (ie Elfs). And you are not limited to use of holes (foot fetishists, I'm looking at you). And sometimes boobs and ass are unreal big. And sometimes dolls are shorter than 100 cm. Or without limbs and head. Anyway, most of the time our definition holds.


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